How does selling my truck work?

Selling your used car can be a headache.

Dealership trade-ins often feel like getting shortchanged, while online marketplaces, like Facebook and Craigslist, are dodgy at best. Or course, those bait-and-switch online retailers often sound great upfront, until the bombarding phone calls and emails start.

That’s where Peddle comes in—the newer, modern, better, easier, faster, awesomer way to sell your car.

Engine failure? No keys? No tires? No problem. We pay via check, and offer free pickup on your schedule. No need to give us any personal details until you accept our instant offer.

Here’s how it works.

answer a dozen-ish questions about your car

To start, we’ll ask for the make, model, trim, year, and the status of your title. Then the questions you can expect (with some variable depending on your answer) are:

  • What’s the current mileage?
  • Does it have a working battery and keys?
  • Can it start and drive?
  • Is there body damage and, if yes, are there loose or missing exterior panels?
  • On the interior, are there any damaged, missing, or removed parts?
  • Has the car experienced fire or flood damage?
  • What’s the status of the lights, glass, or mirror fittings?

accept your offer within seven days

Once you receive your instant offer, you have seven days to accept. If you need more time, that’s totally cool. You’ll just need to go back and answer the questions again (but that’s ok, because they only take a few minutes).

The only kicker is that your offer could change at that point—because our system is based on real-time market value and market value changes allllll the time.

create an account and schedule your free pickup

As we mentioned above, we won’t ask you for any personal details (name, contact info, address, etc.) until you accept our offer. Once you accept, you’ll create an account (the usual kind of online account process, easy peasy) and then one of our towing partners will call to schedule your pickup window.

We’ll send you email and text message reminders to make sure you have all your paperwork in place and are prepared for the big day. (We will not bombard you with messages, promise.)

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